Research Paper Citing Sources

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Yet another style of citation is the Chicago Manual of Style, which is often used in research papers for history and some humanities courses.

You should always check with your professor about which citation format to use.

As such the University utilizes an Honor Statement that reads, ‘As a student of the University, I pledge that I will neither knowingly give nor receive any inappropriate assistance in academic work, thus affirming my own personal commitment to honor and integrity.’ (§10.1) You may know that plagiarism is bad, but do you know exactly what it is and how plagiarism occurs?

Committing plagiarism means representing someone else’s ideas, thoughts or words as your own.

You give credit by properly using quotations or paraphrases and always providing correct citation and reference information whenever you do so.

If you are ever in doubt about whether you have properly cited source material, be sure to check with your professor or visit the Writing Center.Under the "Citation Styles" tab you will find pages for using APA, MLA, and Chicago/Turabian.There other citation styles and we reference some of them in the page "Other Citation Styles" under the "Citation Styles" tab.For help with knowing when to summarize, paraphrase, or quote your sources — or even with learning more about the differences between all three — see the OWL’s handy guide on Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing.If you are stuck on how to talk about your source material, check out Cathy Birkenstein and Gerald Graff’s (2017) in the library.Giving credit not only benefits your credibility as an author, but will also help you avoid plagiarism.Be sure to carefully document all the necessary citation information for your sources while researching to make the process much easier.For specific information on the guidelines for in-text, bibliographic, and footnote/endnote citation, see the links below: The Owl at Purdue: APA Style Citation The Owl at Purdue: Chicago Style Citation The Owl at Purdue: MLA Citation UT Libraries: Citing Sources In your classes, you’ll be reminded by your teachers often that plagiarism is against University rules and constitutes academic dishonesty.Even if your professor doesn’t mention it, the reminds all students in every course at the University of Tennessee to abide by the Honor Statement: An essential feature of the University is a commitment to maintaining an atmosphere of intellectual integrity and academic honesty.In particular, the third chapter, “‘Yes / No / Okay, But’: Three Ways to Respond,” helps writers to boil down their responses to one of three main categories (disagreeing with a reason, agreeing with a difference, and both agreeing and disagreeing at the same time) and also includes templates and models for introducing your sources.When using another author’s intellectual property (from primary or secondary source material), it is essential that you properly cite your source.


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