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It follows the presentation of the Methods and Materials and is presented before the Discussion section—although the Results and Discussion are presented together in many journals.

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A major purpose of the Results section is to break down the data into sentences that show its significance to the research question(s).

The Results section appears third in the section sequence in most scientific papers.

For example: This kind of data may be presented through a figure or set of figures (for instance, a paired T-test table).

Explain this data in this table with a concise content analysis: Let’s examine another example of a Results section from an experiment.In the Introduction section, the aims of the study are presented as “determining the physiological and morphological responses of Allium cepta L.towards increased cadmium toxicity” and “evaluating its potential to accumulate the metal and its associated environmental consequences.” The Results section presents data showing how these aims are achieved in both tables and content analysis, beginning with an overview of the findings: The figure containing this data is cited in parentheses.Following this, present a content analysis of one end of the spectrum of the survey or data table.In our example case, start with the POSITIVE survey responses regarding postoperative care, using descriptive phrases.Note that this author has included three graphs in one single figure.Separating the data into separate graphs makes it easier for the reader to assess the findings, and consolidating this information into one figure saves space and makes it easy to locate all of the most relevant results.As the hard data yielded by your study, tables and figures are central components of your Results section.Therefore, it is crucial to know how to caption the figures and refer to them within the text of the Results section.Regardless of which format you use, the figures should be placed in the order they are referenced in the Results section and be as clear and easy to understand as possible.If there are multiple variables being considered (within one or more research questions), it can be a good idea to split these up into separate figures.


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