Research Paper On Job Satisfaction

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In a more complex situation, stress becomes more vulnerable.Stress is a fundamental element of workers’ everyday life.The research was conducted at PT Pelabuhan Indonesia I Medan, one of major state-owned firm in Indonesia.

This act often leads to an additional workload for their employees.

As their workload increases, the pressure of work will be perceived higher.

In fact, we found that the employees experience an unstable emotional situation as they cannot stay calm on the given situation.

Their performance is disturbed due to the problematic emotion. Employees’ job stress level has a negative correlation to employees’ job satisfaction level, both for male and female workers (Singh, T., Singh, A., & Singh P., 2007).

This may be beneficial to every organization globally. In addition, stress can be sourced from role conflict and bad relationship between employees (French, J. As whole, organizational commitment has a negative correlation with their stress level (Khatibi, A., Asadi, H., & Hamidi M., 2009).

As we talk about stress, we will find a lot of sources of employees’ job stress level. This study is focused to discuss these three variables which strongly correlate with job stress level.

Stress moderately correlated with the employees’ organizational commitment level and satisfaction level.

Multiple regression analysis showed that job satisfaction might reduce employees’ job stress but it was insignificant.

All this time, each organization tried to improve their employees’ job satisfaction as it would commonly lead to a positive attitude from the employees.

Employees’ organizational commitment was a key which led to organizational success.


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