Revising An Essay

Read about revising for the exam in the following section, and then as you begin to revise, tick off your progress on the essay revision checklist.

Try revising for the exam by planning all the typical questions that are set on each of the topics you plan to write on in the exam.

These are the very reasons why reading your paper out loud is a handy proofreading technique: doing this forces you to slow down.

It also helps stop your brain from automatically skipping words. If you’re running out of time and still not feeling confident about your final draft, check out’s short turnaround times for essay editing and proofreading.

Instead, you go straight to Google and frantically start searching for proofreading tips that will allow you to get more than three hours of sleep tonight. Though they won’t replace a substantial edit by a pair of fresh eyes (nothing can), these proofreading tips should help you remove the most glaring errors from your paper.

Finishing that home stretch while retaining your precious mental marbles just got a bit less stressful.If printing isn’t an option, consider doing something else to change the appearance of your paper.Copying the content into a different document without formatting is one option, as is temporarily changing the font size or style.Ask any editor, proofreader, or college professor what irks them most about student papers, and you’ll likely find that inconsistency takes the cake.No matter how you slice that chocolate torte, writing something five different ways in the same paper is just plain wrong. To make sure the language is consistent throughout, select the entire body of text in your document (which you can easily do by pressing Ctrl A), and choose the correct variety of English.To find inconsistencies, scan your document for every usage of a term, and make sure each instance is written the same way. Each acronym should be defined the first time it is used, and it should replace the term it represents for every use thereafter. That way, only words that are actually being spelled wrong will be labeled as such.It can be easy to mix up hyphens (-), en dashes (–), and em dashes (—). Check out this guide to using these pesky punctuation marks, then use Ctrl F to search your document for each instance of hyphenation and dash usage. Read each of your headings individually, and make sure they are all formatted consistently. For hours, you’ve been frantically writing a paper that is due tomorrow.By some sweet miracle, you’ve managed to stay away from Netflix long enough to finish writing the first draft of your paper. You gasp and clutch your shaking hand to your sweaty chest, for you’ve just realized that the battle is not yet won.(You’re definitely not trying to proofread your dissertation at the last minute anyway, right?) Giving your eyes a break from screen time can help make them more aware of errors that they missed before.


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