Romanticism In English Literature Essay

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The Romantic poets diversified the lyric measures to suit a variety of emotions.

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Freedom was its life-breath; imagination was it instrument.

Its passion for freedom made it revolutionary and iconoclastic.

Romanticism is an artistic and intellectual movement originating in Europe in the late 18th century and is characterized by a heightened interest in nature, emphasis on an individual’s expression of emotion and imagination, a departure from the attitudes and forms of classicism, and rebellion against established social rules and conventions.

Romantic writers usually involve one or more of 7 different ideas associated with Romanticism in their writings.

Romanticism in English poetry is a reaction against neo-classical formalism of the 18th Century.

The literary ideal of 18th Century England was bound by tradition, one ruled by formal observance of ancient modes and conventions.Wordsworth sought in the beauty and peace of Nature the deepest realisation of this soul.Coleridge valued wandering in a symbolical world formed by escaping into the medieval world linked with his one mystical imgination.The Romantic poets were especially gifted with two qualities,—of reception and transmutation.Their keenly sensitive mind assimi­lated the beauteous shapes of nature, the colourful pageantry of the medieval world, the thrilling mystery of magic and superstitions of the Middle Ages, the far-flung Suggestions of idealistic philosophy, the aesthetic heritage of ancient Greece, and the revolutionary ardour of the contemporary world Instead of the stability of fixed farms, their restless mind hovered over these idealities which were truer to them than the real world.Men now wanted to go back to Nature—nature that was neglected and was conspicuous by its absence in poetry of the previous Age.The term Romanticism is applied generally to this mood that emerged in the then European society.These ideas are: a profound love of nature; focus on the self and the individual; stress on emotion and not reason; fascination with the supernatural, mysterious and gothic; yearning for the picturesque, the exotic, and the misty past; deep-rooted idealism; passionate nationalism, or love of country.The stories and poems of Poe, Irving, Cooper, and Bryant involve these characteristics.Scott went back to the past in order to idealise those grand feudal virtues.Byron proclaimed his rebellion against human institutions, and laughed in scorn at the hypocrisies of the noble class to which he himself belonged; Shelley with breathless impatience pursued a mirage which he called love through sky and ocean and earth, seeking to embody it in dazzling but fleeting imageries.


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