Russia Coursework A2

The combination of direct teaching, opportunities for participation, and support for resource-based independent study are specifically designed to ensure that you can achieve communicative competence as outlined in the learning outcomes above.Classes Although part of any class session is likely to involve direct teaching, the emphasis is on student participation and you will be expected to take part actively in discussion and in tasks like small group and pair work, role play, and individual or group presentations.

All subjects are taught in English in groups of between ten and fifteen students and contact hours compare favourably with similar A level courses in the U. In addition, all students receive one English Language practice lesson (I. The British teacher will teach English language and Government&Politics.

The supervising teachers from the British college are responsible for high standard of the 4 subjects of the Anglo-Russian School.

Note that it is the responsibility of students to ensure that they have read and understood this documentation, to plan their work schedule in advance, and to keep to the deadlines.

If you are in any doubt, talk to the module coordinator in good time.

Entrance – the students who are finishing 9th class of Russian secondary school will enter the Anglo-Russian School by having the positive result on English language and Mathematics tests.

Reception course – the 12-14 year old children who would like to study in Anglo-Russian School in the future can have the English language reception courses in the Moscow school details as well as in the British college in Summer.

After the first year the students will sit AS-level exams and after the second year – A-level exams.

All the exams will be organised and provided by British Council in Russia on behalf of British examining boards.

Independent Learning You will also be expected to spend time studying outside the class, and we provide guidance, facilities and materials to help you develop your expertise as an independent language learner.

As you progress through the language stages you will learn to understand, monitor and improve your own learning style; you will also acquire some expertise as a researcher and develop the kind of key skills which are valued by employers.


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