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He then explained the main disadvantage: that a nuclear disaster had almost occurred near his home because of information being shared carelessly.

I am sure you can imagine that his paragraph about the nuclear disaster showed that the disadvantages were in fact terrible, and his paragraph about the advantages was not very clear or persuasive.

In my opinion, homemade food is far more beneficial as compared to the readymade food.

To commence with the benefits, packaged products such as pasta, noodles, etcetera are easily available in the market.

In addition to the increased risk of disease, being less healthy has a negative effect on productivity.

There are times when people with busy schedules would be forced to skip meals if fast food options were not available.I suspect that this writer had not really thought about the issue and that he had simply written ‘I believe the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages’ in his introduction and conclusion because this was a template he had learned.In the planning stage, you should try to choose the advantages and disadvantages that are not too specific; otherwise, it will be difficult to fully develop your answers with details, reasons, results, and examples.Swap the words from the question with synonyms (words with the same or similar meanings). E.g: because, while, whereas, as, after, since, although Each argument in the body paragraphs should fulfill the PES section of the rubric.Present Extend Support This means that each main point should be presented in general, fully extended, and supported with reasons or examples.So, for many people, the advantages of cheap air travel outweigh the disadvantages. They may feel very concerned about the environmental impact of air travel and so, for these people, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.When you are explaining a position that you genuinely hold, and that is based on your own experience, it is much easier to present a logical argument. The main advantage he identified was that having access to information meant he could advise younger members of his family and help them to make career choices.For instance, picking up a quick snack from a fast food restaurant might be the only chance to eat for working people with very tight schedules.To sum up, the pace of modern life means that fast food is sometimes the most practical option.Here we promote our side of the argument (the disadvantages): In other words, eating fast food regularly means increased consumption of harmful fats and chemical additives.Studies show that consuming these regularly can increase the risk of conditions such as cancer or heart disease.


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