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Living in close community, I soon realized a simple, but important Truth: Life is not about you.It isn’t even about each other on an individual level.

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With the advent of new technologies, future physicians will be called to new roles.

It is only by understanding and synthesizing the disparate halves of medicine that we as future physicians can fulfill these new, unknown roles.

I find this discourse of disparate viewpoints interesting because of a similar battle that has played out in my own mind between the head and the heart.

Medicine is where I belong as it provides an avenue between these two raging forces unique to any other field I have found.

Your med school personal statement will arguably be the most important essay you’ll ever write…So no pressure, right?

Here is an example of an effective personal statement from an accepted medical student…(more to come)View Matt’s Personal Statement Reading through mission statements of various medical schools, I have discovered an enthralling question: Is medicine science or art?My understanding of medicine as an art and a science and my desire to pursue both have only grown stronger as I have become a patient myself.Last summer, I became very ill, and spent most of my summer asleep, in the bathroom, or at the clinic, only being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at the end of July.Notice: We've detected that you are using an outdated version of Internet Explorer.Please upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 or newer, or use another current web browser (such as the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, or Safari) for optimal viewing experience.I am confident that in my future career as a physician I will be able to fulfill these two desires.Furthermore, I believe that my perspective on medicine, one that unifies art and science, is necessary for the evolving landscape of medicine.In such a vulnerable position, I experienced first-hand that importance and impact of medicine as art and science. Hallak, my gastroenterologist, treated not just my illness, but the fear and pain I possessed, and for that I am forever grateful (and fortunately, also healthy). Hallak graciously taught me about my disease on a mechanistic level, demonstrating that he understood the science of medicine as deeply as I had hoped a clinician would.Thus, I was assured that a career as a clinician could sate my scientific hunger as well. Hallak I clearly saw that I did not have to compromise between my desire to understand the human body as a machine, and my need to serve others and effect change in their lives.I saw my future self as a medical Sherlock Holmes-the smartest person in the room disseminating my own cleverness from on high to solve a medical problem.I had only a mild interest in the artful, human, side of medicine.


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