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A bit of homework will make a bit of difference in your learning.A substantial amount of homework could make a substantial difference. I have often found a direct correlation between students who do their homework and those who do well in class.

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Either way, there are different approaches you could take. Irma is an educator, linguist, creativity expert, cultural competence strategist, and the founder of Diáfano, a company responsible for designing and implementing foreign language classes and programs at corporations.

From universities and top US institutes to Fortune 500 companies, Irma has been an integral part of language learning and cultural competence training. ) and over 10 years of working in education, she developed and honed her methodology in 2013 when she was living in Japan.

The obvious choice is communicative exercises, but most students need to follow the first two types of exercises in order to get to communicative.

explain a new grammar point and then ask you to chat with a classmate using what you just learned?

How to do that is something you have to review with your teacher as well, but it could include readings, television, music, chatting with friends or finding an online pal to help you out.

Perhaps you are surrounded by Spanish at work and can use your skills on a colleague.Associative exercises, where you start to associate the material learned, such as fill in the blanks exercises, are a great second step.Communicative exercises are the final type of exercises, and will get you chatting with a classmate.If you feel your Spanish is not improving, the first thing you have to ask yourself is whether you are doing your homework. Believe it or not, there is a right and wrong way to do your homework.Are you doing everything right before you meet your teacher? Are your doing your homework because you have to or because you want to improve?Your classmate and you probably just stared at each other wondering, “What is going on?” What happened was your teacher skipped two obvious steps.Homework is meant to reinforce whatever work you are doing in class.A teacher cannot cover everything, and some of the more mechanical work can be tedious for some students. Yes because even if you have down the conjugation for all regular verbs in the present indicative mood, it never hurts to review them before learning simple past.The problem is students generally do not have a system implemented to reinforce their learning outside of class.When the student does not have direct access to the language outside or does not make sufficient efforts to access the language, homework is the only way to continue to build a foundation in the target language when students are not with the teacher.


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