Students Should Not Have Homework

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, an overwhelming majority of them would probably vote to abolish it.

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There is no academic benefit of homework in grades K-8. No study has ever demonstrated any academic benefit to assign homework before children are in high school” (Edutopia).

Osiris Contreras from Centennial Middle School said, “I think there shouldn’t be homework. Their head hurts, they don’t want to hear anything, and they start hitting them selves. No one has gone as far as the American Child Association did in the 1930s when it pinned homework and child labor as leading killers of children who contracted tuberculosis and heart disease (The Washington Post). According to Alfie Kohn play is so important to optima child development that it has been recognized by the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights as a right of every child.

The National Education Association (NEA) has released guidelines about the right amount of homework--the amount that helps kids learn without getting in the way of their developing other parts of their life.

Many experts believe that students should receive roughly 10 minutes per night of homework in the first grade and an additional 10 minutes per grade for each following year.

While many educators and parents believe that young children are ready for direct instruction, studies have shown that kids learn more when they are simply allowed to play.

For example, young children who were showed how to make a toy squeak only learned this one function of the toy, while kids who were allowed to experiment on their own discovered many flexible uses of the toy.

In fact, after people reach a certain base level of intelligence, the rest of their success in life and in their careers can be attributed, researchers believe, largely to differences in people’s levels of emotional intelligence.

Doing endless amounts of homework does not leave children the proper amount of time to interact socially with family members and peers in a way that will develop their emotional intelligence.

Too much homework turns kids off to learning and makes them less—rather than more—invested in school and learning.

Recent research has demonstrated the importance of emotional intelligence, which involves understanding one’s own and others’ emotions.


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