Subpoena Cover Letter

ssa field offices with scanners may email a scanned pdf copy of the subpoena to mike not transfer subpoenas to other fos or other ssa components.

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this is not a "refusal" to accept a subpoena, because a subpoena which names a specific person can only be properly served to that person.

with respect to subpoenas received in the mail, employees should not sign a waiver of personal service." subpoenas issued to ssa fos or ddss usually direct a "custodian of documents" or a specific employee to produce records at a deposition in an attorney's office or in court, and perhaps to provide testimony regarding those records.

inform the person serving the subpoena or court that you lack authority to accept it.

if the subpoena or order requires the production of records contained in the claims folder of a nh (such as disability records), the fo is responsible for ascertaining the location of the claims folder(s) and recording that information on the subpoena questionnaire.

and time the subpoena was faxed to denver ro: ____________________________fax to the denver ro (303) 844-4280 the subpoena and any accompanying documents, together with a copy of this questionnaire.

an attorney may specify in a cover letter accompanying the subpoena that if the records are provided prior to the time of the deposition, appearance at the deposition is unnecessary.:____________________________________________________________firm:_____________________________________________________________address:___________________________________________________________phone:_____________________________________________________________represents:_________________________________________________________information requestedsubpoena type: personal _____ duces tecum____ both ___________is the subpoena for a deposition?

mike will review the subpoena, consult with the office of general counsel (ogc) to determine what action needs to be taken, and advise the fo if it needs to do anything further.

some subpoenas and court orders simply request an ssa/dds employee to testify about program matters in general, such as the disability determination process; program matters as they relate to a specific nh; or the employee's observations of a specific nh.., the fo manager or a cr), and that person is not in the office at the time service is attempted, another employee should not accept the subpoena on the other person's behalf.

a subpoena is usually issued by an attorney, or by the clerk of a court at an attorney's request.

employees in the importance of reporting immediately the receipt of a subpoena or court order.


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