Take A Stand Essay Topics

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Next you can write about the WWII, about the Gulf War, about the United States troops in Afghanistan, or even the latest Iraqi campaign, or Syrian war.

In every single case a foreign country never achieved its primary goal.

So it is reasonable that the audience will adopt these ideas as well.

Use lots of facts to show how history repeats itself, and why we should understand it to avoid mistakes in the future.

In papers you write it privately and then a prof reads it also privately, but a speech is a public thing.

After you have decided upon this, let us look at some other points to consider.

It is always easier to make people listen and believe through emotions.

Empathy, anger, shock, fun – they always work well.

You can add various and bright situations so it will be hard not to agree with you.

Besides, if you are passionate about history, it will make your words earner and strong.


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