Tattoos And Body Piercing Essay

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Other processes consisted of scratching the skin and then rubbing in the ink. This means there were tattoos that different cultural tribes would have for certain meanings and expression.Polynesian tattooing was one of the most original and artistic tattooing of ancient times.The largest organ in the complex human body is the skin.

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In most cases, people get tattoos for a personal meaning.

Whether it be to remember something great that happened in your life, to show affection or emotion, or because that specific design meant a lot to you, thereÕs no one reason for a tattoo. Other reasons for getting a tattoo are to be rebellious. teenagers, choose to get a tattoo because their parents simply donÕt want them to.

The ink used in Henna tattooing is actually made from the henna plant.

The ink first is a green powder and is mixed in different ways for different colors such as red and black, and different consistencies.

However, tattooing today has changed quite a bit since it first began.

Nowadays, tattooing is used as a form of expression, or rebellion.

They believed it was a sign of beauty and strength to be tattooed.

Mexicans tattooed their idols and gods on their skin.

However, scientists have come to a theory that these tattoos were part of a medical or spiritual healing process.

The process of early age tattooing was long and painful.


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