Tcp Ip Protocol Research Paper

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("Robert Kahn, TCP/IP Co-Designer.") Robert Kahn also worked on other projects at IPTO.

He worked on an existing project that established a satellite packet network.

TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, which is the protocol of the Internet.

In a private network, TCP/IP can be used as a communications protocol; the TCP/IP can either be an intranet or extranet.

is considering implementing IPv6 Protocol throughout the organization.

Present a report for the Operational Director highlighting and discussing the key issues in migrating from IPv4 to IPv6 addressing. is also considering the provisioning of voice over IP (Vo IP) and mobile IP (MIP) for its employees.

In October, Kahn gave a demonstration of an ARPANET network, which connected 40 different computers at the International Computer Communication Conference.

This made the network widely known around the world.

("Robert Kahn, TCP/IP Co-Designer.") Robert Kahn helped build the Interface Message Processor when he worked at Bolt Beranek and Newman.

In 1972, Robert Kahn was hired by Lawrence Roberts at the IPTO to work on networking techniques.


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