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While tempted to kill her, Frank chooses to spare her and send her to Reno, Nevada. However, the doctor's bodyguards were expecting Frank, and they sedate him.

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Frank manages to overpower and kill all of Jane's bodyguards, and her surgical assistant.

Jane reappears, threatening Frank with a large knife, noting that he has run out of bullets.

Three years prior, Jane's brother Sebastian was murdered by professional killer Frank Kitchen. Jane hires Honest John Baconian to double-cross him.

Seeking revenge, but also seeing an opportunity to assess how much physical identity matters, Jane performs gender reassignment surgery on Frank and turns him into a woman.

Admitting she is a coward "when it comes to life and death situations", Jane suggests that they go their separate ways amicably.

Frank refuses, reloads his gun with a bullet he had taped to the sole of his boot and shoots Jane, non-fatally.

He believed he knew how to do it this time and re-optioned the script.

Hill's agent introduced him to a producer, Said Ben Said, who was willing to invest.

When Galen contradicts her, she attacks him in a fit of rage before being restrained.

A short time later, she asks for a legal deposition so that she can confess.


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