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She has stayed with Fowler because he offers her security.She leaves Fowler for Pyle because he offers her even more wealth and protection.

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is considered one of Graham Greene’s major achievements. What is learned, though, takes on political, moral, and religious significance. Who exactly killed Pyle is not revealed, but the burden of the crime, like the burden of telling the story, is that of Fowler.

The story is told with great economy, superb characterization, and sophisticated irony. Fowler is a fascinating character and narrator because he simultaneously reveals and conceals so much about himself and his involvement in the story.

Innocence, Ignorance, and Idealism In Graham Greene's The Quiet American, the themes of naivety and innocence are in constant and direct conflict with the reality and crudeness of the Vietnam War.

Sometimes Greene sees innocent people as helpless victims of the devastation others wreak, like the soldiers who are killed when Fowler and Pyle shelter in their tower.Pyle is shocked because Fowler says he is merely using Phuong for his own pleasure and because of his need to have a woman beside him to stave off loneliness.It never occurs to Pyle that Phuong has acted just as selfishly or that Pyle himself is using people.Are you trying to help your students understand more about the Vietnam War?Or perhaps you are teaching a course about modern American literature in general.Fowler’s passion is hardly consistent with his affectation of aloofness.Actually, he cares deeply about Phuong and about the Vietnamese.Yet Fowler’s vehement rejection of Pyle’s worldview and his passionate defense of the Vietnamese (who, he believes, should be allowed to worked out their own destiny, free of the French, the Americans, and any other intruding power) surely reveal anything but cynicism.In this respect, Pyle is right to see good in a person who claims to be without scruples.You can test out of the first two years of college and save thousands off your degree.Anyone can earn credit-by-exam regardless of age or education level.


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