Thesis Doctoral Program

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A dissertation is usually done by a doctorate student and focuses on original research.

A student who is assigned a dissertation is required to come up with a subject in his or her field that hasn't already been researched.

The student formulates a proposition, or thesis, based on previous work done by others in the field.

This previous work is analyzed by the student in his or her paper as he or she makes a case for a certain point of view.

This dissertation explores the innovation-focused paradigm for strategic outsourcing, identifying the behavior of firms that are successful in developing the core competencies required in providing innovation, whilst exploring the impact that culture plays as an inevitable influencing factor in the global ICT services landscape.

This guide gives an excellent overview and a unique summary of various business aspects of the medical device market in Europe.

That means our students graduate being able to consider research within the academic and scholarly arena and are able to apply it to the domain of operating business, a key skill-set to operate effectively in today’s complex world.

At the Master level students are expected to carry out research in an end-of-study project that shows they have mastered the program material and are able to apply it to a business situation in a clear, concise and effective manner as they would be expected to do within a business setting.

To examine the role of gender in experience satisfaction levels the Student Experience Satisfaction Survey (SESS) instrument was developed which contained 12 questions/hypotheses that measured the experience satisfaction levels of students based on the theoretical model that the researcher proposed.

The findings are in line with the theoretical model of leadership (Synchronous University Model) about Excellence in Academic Student Experience, Excellence in Services Student Experience, and Excellence in Campus Life Student Experience for universities to achieve gender-neutral provisions to students.


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