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HAVE ONLY ONE CONTROLLING ARGUMENT As you can see from the examples above, a good thesis statement has only one controlling (main) argument:'Alcohol should contain warning labels about the possible dangers of over-drinking.''Alcohol consumption may negatively impact amongst university students’ GPA.''A four-year university programme is better than a three-year one because students have more time for deeper learning.''Hong Kong will not become a world class city until it tackles its air pollution problem.It is important that your thesis statements also contain only one controlling argument.

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Also, cell phones can be useful tools for creating and writing, which can help students organize their thoughts and work.

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This is the section of the essay in which you clearly lay out the major points you will make in your essay, as well as your main idea.

For an argumentative essay, which is an essay in which you attempt to convince someone of an argument or position, your thesis statement should outline your position and the major points you will discuss in your argument.

The thesis statement acts as a short summary of the writer’s stance in the debate, helping readers understand what will appear in the rest of the paper.

Assignments may not state clearly whether a thesis statement is necessary, but if it asks you to take a position on an issue, analyze, interpret, compare and contrast or show cause and effect, you are probably expected to develop a persuasive thesis.These examples are limited to topics pertaining to school, but that does not mean that every argumentative essay is about school issues.Your essay and thesis might be about a wide variety of topics, but these examples will still help you write your thesis statement.By the end of this essay, you will also feel that cell phones should be allowed in the classroom.Working in groups on assignments is an incredibly polarizing subject.It is important that your thesis be clear so that your readers know exactly what your position is.There should be no confusion, such as in the following poor example:'Many people from around the world have different opinions about whether teenagers under eighteen years of age should be able to get a driving license and drive a vehicle or not and I tend to agree with some of them but not with others.'This example is poor for a number of reasons.(There is no point writing a persuasive argument if everyone already agrees!)Example of an un-debatable thesis statement:'Drinking too much alcohol may cause health problems.'This is weak because it would be very difficult to build a persuasive argument that drinking too much alcohol would not cause health problems: most people (and doctors) already agree that it would.Writing Thesis Statements for Argumentative Essays Introduction University writing often requires students to use persuasion: they need to convince readers of a logical viewpoint on a debatable subject.The thesis statement is usually one sentence in the essay’s introduction that clearly states the writer's opinion and it often appears after some general background information about the issue.


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