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CBS News obtained photos of 10 of them in Bucca's yellow prison jumpsuits" (paragraph 7).So, it would seem that a group of prisoners met in Bucca and began developing political ideology and strategy; and this was the beginnings of the organization known today as ISIS.Over time, ISIS has emerged as one of the most powerful forces active in Iraq, with a quite large portion of Iraq—approximately a third, going by the relevant political maps—under its control.

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Misztal and Michek have identified four key elements in the American strategy against ISIS.At this point in the discussion, it may be helpful to turn to a closer discussion of the ideology of ISIS. The premise of this new, narrow ideology was to reject traditional scholars, scholarship and practices under the guise of 'reviving the true tenets of Islam' and protecting the concept of monotheism" (paragraphs 4-5).Ideologically, ISIS would seem to draw from the fundamentalist Islamic movement known as Wahhabism. The man at the center of this ideology was called Muhammed ibn Abd-al Wahhab.When one reviews the fruits of this ideology within ISIS, one is automatically tempted to wonder whether the organization is clinically insane.For example, as Mc Laughlin has pointed out, ISIS's own publications explicitly promote: the enslavement and rape of women, the murder of civilians, the sacking and plundering of cities, the implementation of a policy of genocide, and the condemnation of all people who do not adhere to ISIS's brand of Islam.These are: one, systematic airstrikes against ISIS targets in both Iraq and Syria; "support for forces" fighting ISIS on the ground; taking counterterrorism efforts to prevent attacks by ISIS; and the delivering humanitarian assistance to those in need (paragraph 6). This strategy was announced by President Obama in September 2014. "Essay on the History of the Terrorist Group ISIS." Ultius | Custom Writing and Editing Services. At a certain level, one gets the impression that ISIS just emerged from nowhere: the organization was not a presence in Iraq when the United States was actually engaged in full-scale military operations there and has only emerged as a strong political power since the American withdrawal from Iraq.Ward has pursued the hypothesis that the origins of ISIS can be traced back to an American prison camp in Iraq called Camp Bucca:"According to a CBS News investigation, at least 12 of the top leaders of ISIS served time in Camp Bucca, including the man who would become the group's leader, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi.However, ISIS clearly differentiated itself from Al-Qaeda in 2013; and the organization declared itself the official government of the parts of Iraq under its control in 2014.The magnitude of the terrorist threat presented by ISIS may make it somewhat misleading to merely identify the organization as a terrorist group.


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