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A Senior Honors Thesis gives qualified students an opportunity to carry out a capstone project in some area or on some subject related to child study and human development.

The first chapter tests a model of trust by allowing for expectations using the Social Capital Benchmark Survey (2000).

We find that trust returns to income and education vary among different groups, and that diversity can increase trust to attain an equilibrium trust level.

In the second chapter, we extend the choice of trust to interactions within social networks and to online social networking.

We aim at contributing to the existing literature on social interactions by adding motivation to gain either a weak or strong tie.

Students completing an honors thesis are strongly encouraged to participate in the annual Eliot-Pearson Student Presentation Day, held in April.

Childhood Obesity Thesis Papers - Tufts Senior Honors Thesis

The Senior Honors Thesis in Child Study and Human Development is a project that students take on during their senior year, though the planning for it should begin before the senior year begins.

We find that a doubling of population density leads to about a 6% increase in productivity.

Our results establish an important role for Jacobs externalities, measured by metropolitan area population.

In the case of the former, we would conclude that expectations drive urban development in the U.

S., and in the case of the latter we would conclude that history does. Neeley, Tufts University, BA, International Relations: “Dollarization in Argentina.” 2003.


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