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Class attendance is the physical presence and participation in all scheduled class meetings and assignments by the registered student for face-to-face classes.

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A registered student is a student enrolled in a course on the official census date who has not officially dropped the course.

A religious holy day is a day observed by a religion whose places of worship are exempt from property taxation under the Texas Tax Code, §11.20. Communicates student class attendance and participation requirements in the syllabus. Allows the student who has been excused to take an examination or complete an assignment scheduled for that day within a reasonable time, normally within 20 school days. Excuses from attending classes or participating in other required activities the student who is absent for a reasonably brief time period due to active military service (not to exceed 25% of the total number of class meetings or the contact hour equivalent excluding the final examination period) for the specific course or courses. Sets a reasonable deadline and conditions for taking an examination or making up missed assignments due during excused absences due to an active duty military assignment.

A school day is a day during which classes are scheduled at UTSA, without regard to the frequency or schedule that a specific class meets. Drops a class no longer attending by appropriate deadline. If a dispute arises, follows formal appeals process stated in Section IX. If the military absence is extensive, the deadline may extend up to the due date for course grades for the same semester one year later - the time permitted to clear a grade of ‘IN’ (Incomplete), as described in the catalogs. If the faculty member will allow missed work to be made up (see below), informs the student of the deadline for making up missed assignments or taking an examination. If the faculty member uses instructor-initiated drop, informs students of the policy in the syllabus and maintains accurate attendance records. A faculty member preparing to utilize instructor-initiated drop informs the student that a drop is imminent given that she/he is approaching the limit of unexcused absences or missed assignments. Notifies student that they have been dropped from a course by their instructor for exceeding the unexcused absence limits. Provides reports of instructor-initiated drops to appropriate university offices as outlined in the Department Office Instructor-Initiated Drop Information Report (maintained in the Office of the Registrar) and to any office requiring this information. Follows formal appeals process stated in Section IX.

An instructor-initiated drop is a drop by the instructor based on excessive student absences or missed assignments that are specified in the instructor’s course syllabus. Unless otherwise stated in the instructor’s syllabus, or unless an absence is excused in accordance with this policy, should attend and participate in all scheduled class meetings. Notifies each instructor prior to the absence (directly in writing, not later than the 15th day after the first day of the semester, and before the absence takes place) of the planned absence for a religious holy day on which an examination or assignment has been scheduled. Provides a copy of the military orders to each instructor when class is to be missed due to military service. Notifies each instructor of participation in an official University function when class is to be missed due to participation. Notifies instructors directly of absence due to illness or other extenuating circumstances. Fulfills missed assignments by instructor-designated deadlines. This notification to the student will be made utilizing the university-approved mechanism for this purpose. If a dispute arises, follows formal appeals process stated in Section IX. H below if the student has filed a proper appeal of the dispute. Once the student’s appeal of an instructor-initiated drop is concluded, notifies the instructor and the student of the outcome so that any necessary Blackboard access changes can be made with OIT/BB. Follows formal appeals process stated in Section IX.

Tutors of all disciplines and levels will be able to register and set their own rates, of which the company will take a 15 percent cut.

Tutor aims to reach beyond the scope of university tutoring resources by expanding nationally and offering tutoring for professional exams.This policy serves as a guide that instructors and students should use to appropriately address student absence from class.It identifies steps that may be taken by instructors when absences or missed assignments are unexcused, and the circumstances and steps for students and instructors to take when absences or missed assignments are officially permitted. Texas Education Code Title 3: Higher Education, Subtitle A.If the student’s request is denied at one administrative level, the student may submit the appeal to the next administrative level: i.Department chair (or unit director) of the department (or unit) in which the course is offered. Dean of the college of the department or unit in which the course is offered. Vice Provost and Dean of University College (for undergraduate students) or Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School (for graduate students).A new mobile app created by UT students will join the likes of Favor and Uber by matching students to independent tutors.The creators of the app, which is simply named Tutor, expect it to be available for i OS and Android on Halloween.An official University function is an activity or event sanctioned by the University such as intercollegiate athletic competitions, music tours and other similar approved events.A scheduled class is a class that is assigned to meet physically on a specific day or days, at a specific time and location.Engagement activities in a class may encompass the following elements: A student must demonstrate that he/she has actively participated in the engagement activities in a timely manner as defined in the syllabus.Merely logging into the learning management system does not constitute active participation.


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