University Of Waterloo Phd Thesis

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% pdflatex mythesis -- it takes a couple of passes to completely process all cross-references % If you use the recommended La Te X editor, Texmaker, you would open the % file, then click the PDFLa Te X button. % Tip 3: Photographs should be cropped and compressed so as not to be too large.

% To create a PDF output that is optimized for double-sided printing: % % 1) comment-out the \documentclass statement in the preamble below, and % un-comment the second \documentclass line.

%====================================================================== % Some important notes on using this template and making it your own...

% The University of Waterloo has required electronic thesis submission since October 2006.

W., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada % FOR ASSISTANCE, please send mail to [email protected]% DISCLAIMER % To the best of our knowledge, this template satisfies the current u Waterloo thesis requirements.

% However, it is your responsibility to assure that you have met all % requirements of the University and your particular department.% DON'T FORGET TO ADD YOUR OWN NAME AND TITLE in the "hyperref" package % configuration below.THIS INFORMATION GETS EMBEDDED IN THE PDF FINAL PDF DOCUMENT.% For hyperlinked PDF, suitable for viewing on a computer, use this: \documentclass[letterpaper,12pt,titlepage,oneside,final] % For PDF, suitable for double-sided printing, change the Print Version variable below % to "true" and use this \documentclass line instead of the one above: %\documentclass[letterpaper,12pt,titlepage,openright,twoside,final] % Some La Te X commands I define for my own nomenclature.% If you have to, it's easier to make changes to nomenclature once here than in a % million places throughout your thesis!\newcommand[1] % package names in bold text \newcommand[1] % command name in tt font \newcommand[1] % does nothing, but defines the command so the % print-optimized version will ignore \href tags (redefined by hyperref pkg).%\newcommand[2] % does nothing, but defines the command % Anything defined here may be redefined by packages added below...% You can view the information if you view properties of the PDF document.% Many faculties/departments also require one or more printed % copies.This template attempts to satisfy both types of output. % It is based on the standard "book" document class which provides all necessary % sectioning structures and allows multi-part theses.% If you are using this template in Overleaf (cloud-based collaboration service), then it is % automatically processed and previewed for you as you edit.


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