Use Characterisation Essay

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Understanding the role of characterization in storytelling is very important for any writer.

To put it briefly, it helps us make sense of the behavior of any character in a story by helping us understand their thought processes.

An author can use two approaches to deliver information about a character and build an image of it.

These two types of characterization include: This is a more subtle way of introducing the character to the audience.

This kind of realism needs the actors to build the character from their own perspective initially.

Use Characterisation Essay

This is why realistic characterization is more of a subtle art, which cannot directly be recognized.

A good use of characterization always leads the readers or audience to relate better to the events taking place in the story.

Dialogues play a very important role in developing a character, because they give us an opportunity to examine the motivations and actions of the characters more deeply.

Characterization is the act of creating and describing characters in literature.

Characterization includes both descriptions of a character’s physical attributes as well as the character’s personality.


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