Vce Context Essay Structure

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Perhaps my biggest advice is, as much as possible, be descriptive rather than prescriptive. The fundamental difference is that descriptivists simply describe how language is used. Prescriptivists, on the other hand, are sort of like self-anointed arbiters of language use (usage? They feel there are ways that language should be used – rules and the like. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them either here or here!

And I’ll get back to you as soon as possible – because bruh, I feel those Eng Lang feels.

Overall, both C and A adopt an informal register; this is reflected by phonological, lexical and discourse features throughout the text..

Like, I know that others prefer to have a paragraph on function, then on register, then on social purpose and so on. But I always used the subsystem approach, and it worked for me, so that’s what I’m running with still. It’s not like a regular essay where you have to write ridiculously fluently or whatever – you’re just analysing language.

You can think of it as a paragraph that sets the scene: it basically answers questions like, “What? As such, here’s an introduction I wrote for an analytical commentary based on Sample Text 3.

It’s probably not the best introduction you’ll ever see in your life, but perhaps it will give you somewhere to start.Teachers provide students with sources, questions and guidelines for this analysis.This SAC will test student understanding of the relevant Area of Study, their ability to extract information from primary sources, their ability to position sources in the context of the revolution and their skill at communicating historical conclusions in writing. For this SAC students are required to study, interpret, compare and evaluate different views of the revolution. But what actually is it, and how do you actually write it? According to VCAA, the analytical commentary should include some sort of description of “contextual factors affecting/surrounding the text”, and also “social purpose and register of the text”. Social purpose and register (basically the formality of the text) are also needed. But like, what does all of that mumbo jumbo actually mean? And this is important, because contextual information can definitely, absolutely affect language choices.They will research and gather primary sources, use them to form conclusions and interpretations, then present their findings in writing.This SAC will test student understanding of the relevant Area of Study, their research skills, their ability to use primary and secondary sources, their understanding of important historical concepts and their ability to write for history. For this SAC students examine, interpret and critically analyse one or more primary sources, such as documents or visual representations.The four SACs students must complete are: A historical inquiry.For this SAC students investigate an aspect of one of your revolutions, such as a leader, a group, an event or an issue.Sample Text 3 is a written transcript of a spoken conversation between Catherine (C) and Anita (A).C is selling books to A at a book stall in a local writers’ festival.


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