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In the Yankee whale fishery injuries and death were common to almost every voyage. Few individuals got rich whaling and most of those were owners and agents. It has particular qualities separating it from almost any other type of oil.

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Therefore, whale hunting should be banned to advocate people to use alternatives for whale products and protect them from extinction as well as immoral killing techniques. "BBC - Earth - Why Do Some Countries Still Hunt Whales?

“Abundantly laden with the riches of the ocean”: Why whales were hunted Whaling was an exceptionally dangerous business both physically and economically. it is only through the lens of hindsight that the whaleman’s job becomes malicious or cruel. That whales had to die to provide these things is a fact of seventeenth-, eighteenth-, and nineteenth-century life. Sperm oil Oil from sperm whale blubber otherwise known as body oil is of a light straw color.

This material was the most valuable product of the Yankee whaling industry as it has a high melting point and burned cleanly and brightly and without odor. Their high illuminating power made spermaceti candles the standard for photometric measurements.

Before its use in candle making spermaceti was used as a medicinal ointment and as a sizing in wool combing.

Whales are innocent mammals and they should not be hunted.

They are killed by inhumane techniques and many has to die in a long period of time from suffocation.

Baleen is made of keratin, the same substance found in human nails, hair, hoofs, and claws.

It was used in a variety of nineteenth-century products: * Buggy whips; * Carriage springs; * Corset stays; * Fishing poles; Hoops for women’s skirts; * Umbrella ribs; * Other applications for which plastic or steel would now be used.

It saw new uses during the 19 century Industrial Revolution both in Europe and America in the tempering of steel, screw cutting and cordage manufacture.

It continued to be used as an illuminant particularly in the headlamps of miners.


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