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It will argue that both tribes are defined by close connections to their natural environment and prolonged existence under colonial rule, yet they differ in their reactions to colonialism.

For the Quileute, unrelenting colonial oppression has led them to practice survivance, as they turn inwards and focus on preserving their culture for future generations even as the land of their ancestors is taken and destroyed.

The Fremen were inspired by a real-world indigenous tribe, the Quileute of the Pacific Northwest, a fact that is largely unknown.

For most of his life Frank Herbert was close friends with Quileute Howard Hansen, author of his own novel on Quileute culture and philosophy, Twilight on the Thunderbird.

In the war for indigenous freedom, the Fremen may have won the land – but the cultural sacrifices they made to get there make the victory meaningless.

Daniel Bland “Some Subtleties o’ th’ Isle”: Moderating Postcolonial Discourse in The Tempest through the Green World Framework Directed by Peter Holland & Laura Knoppers The postcolonial interpretation of The Tempest has wielded considerable influence in the critical conversation surrounding the play since its introduction.Although postcolonial criticism has made essential contributions to the discourse surrounding the play, its ubiquitous and polarized nature obscures the potential for other fruitful readings that could move criticism in new directions as well as address the faults of postcolonial readings of the play.I propose an interpretation of The Tempest based on the Green World framework originally conceived by Northrup Frye in which, reflecting its unconventional hybrid tragicomic structure, the Green World of The Tempest is also unconventional.Yet to accomplish this task, the Fremen must allow their traditional culture to erode – something the Quileute refused to do.Ultimately, this paper finds fault with Herbert’s portrayal of indigenous culture, and argues that while the Quileute preserve their tribal identity the Fremen sacrifice theirs to obtain land that no longer has cultural significance.This relationship parallels how the contemporary genre, ergodic literature, manipulates its medium to influence its reader.In this genre, a text requires the reader to directly interact with it in order to extract a meaning, thus creating a dynamic relationship between text and reader.Yet Herbert believed that the Quileute were not “war-like enough” to maintain sovereignty in the face of colonial aggression, and thus Herbert’s Fremen are violently fighting their own war for sovereignty on Arrakis.Where the Quileute have lost the Fremen seem to win, ending the novel by taking Arrakis from their colonial superpower.Each example represents a different expressions of ergodic relationships: comment forums demonstrate how an audience reacts to a given story while a broadcast rundown allows that same audience to participate in the initial organization of a news cast.In my evaluations, I explore how the fluid, flexible structures of these two texts allow for an ergodic relationship to persist within news by looking at their formal compositions.


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