Whistleblower Essay

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Whistle blowing tries to make others aware of practices that are considered illegal or immoral.

If the wrongdoing is reported to someone in the company it is said to be internal.

Despite all the support for Manning, he was sentenced thirty-five years in prison in violation of The Espionage Act. Looking forward, granting protection to every whistleblower will help benefit the future business world.

In an article by freelance writer Angie Mohr, she stated, “Knowing that employees can report any suspicious corporate activities has had an impact on companies' operations.” (Mohr).

A lot of people would blow the whistle on a company that is making unsafe products, but not all.

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A number of people would not inform the public of the company's wrongdoings.

One of the most controversial types of whistle blowing is that of impersonal.

If a company is making products that are unsafe because they are trying to save a few dollars, an employee could see this as immoral and tell the public about it.

Internal whistle blowing tends to do less damage to the company. This is where the wrongdoing is reported to the media and brought to the attention of the public.

This type of whistle blowing tends to affect the company in a negative way because of bad publicity.


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