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Until 1888, aluminium oxide remained trapped inside bauxite's clay-like realm and scientists had to work with small amounts of aluminium compounds.

It took the brains of Karl Josef Bayer to unlock bauxite's secret.

However, it is said that Heroult made the first discovery.

Both of these highly skilled chemists died in 1914.

Hall's focus on developing a new process for extracting aluminium began when his professor, Frank Fanning Jewett, offered a challenge to the students.

They were to find an economical method by which aluminium can be purely extracted.Coincidently, Paul Heroult, a French chemist also discovered this inexpensive process at the same age and year as Hall.Today's history books tell us that Hall and Heroult independently invented this reduction process.If you need a custom research paper, research proposal, essay, dissertation, thesis paper or term paper on your topic, Effective will write your research papers from scratch.Starting at /page you can order custom written papers online. and Master's freelance writers to help you with writing any academic papers in any subject!Bayer was born in 1847 in Germany and studied at the University of Heidelberg.His economic discovery is known today as the Bayer Process, which produces alumina (aluminium oxide) from bauxite.Organic compounds that contain only carbon and hydrogen are called hydrocarbons. Methane contains only 1 carbon in the molecular formula and the structural formula. An acid is a compound that produces hydrogen ions when dissolved in water.The simplest hydrocarbons are the alkanes which contain only single covalent bonds. There is ethane which is 2 carbons, propane that is 3, butane which is 4, pentane which is 5 and so on. Alkenes are hydrocarbons containing carbon-carbon double covalent bonds, and last but not least there is the alkynes which are hydrocarbons containing carbon-carbon triple covalent bonds. Therefore, the chemical formulas of acids are of the general form HX, where X is a monatomic or polyatomic ion.It took many years of painstaking research to unleash the metal from its evil ore bauxite, a very common hard clay-like material containing 40% of aluminium oxide.It was only in 1825, when a minute lump of Aluminium was produced by Hans Christian Oersted, a Danish chemist.__________________________________________________________His work was further developed by Friederick Wohler of Germany in 1845, who successfully produced pin head sized aluminium.


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