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There’s no sense of using a “watered-down” version at all. When I want to head out to a coffee shop and do some writing and nothing else, my i Pad is always going to be lighter, even with the extra keyboard added, than my Mac Book pro, as light as that is.

Ulysses for i Pad is as feature-rich as its mac OS counterpart. It’s the difference between lugging around a larger bag like my Air Porter and just throwing my Muzetto over my shoulder, too.

Using the same device for writing makes perfect sense. I never give a second thought to battery life when I’m writing with my i Pad. And the more I use my i Pad to write instead of my Mac, the more battery life my Mac will have for Photoshop, Logic, Xcode, and all the other things I can’t currently do on i Pad.

Third, apps like Ulysses are just as good on i Pad as they are on mac OS.

But that doesn’t mean a mechanical keyboard doesn’t come in handy for the very specific use of long-form writing.

For years, I asked myself this exact question, and I answered it simply by using my Mac.Also, a number of cafes here in New York have a strict “No laptops” policy on weekends or at certain hours of the day.They have no such restrictions on i Pads however, as silly as that sounds.First, there’s something to be said for a truly “distraction-free” experience.I use Ulysses in full-screen mode on my Mac Book Pro, but even then, it’s way too easy to switch over to Twitterrific, Slack, or any other number of apps.After all, typing long-form on a Mac is a great experience.But there are a few things that give writing on i Pad a slight advantage.I chose the Canopy from Studio Neat, combined with Apple’s Magic Keyboard, which is the same keyboard Apple includes with the i Mac.There were a number of advantages in this setup for me compared to Apple’s Smart Keyboard, or any other i Pad-specific solution I researched.Well, because I discovered that for prolonged periods of typing, where I want to do nothing else but type thousands of words for a blog post, a combination of Apple’s Magic Keyboard and i OS can actually be a choice than my Mac Book Pro.Don’t get me wrong; I still believe strongly that for most uses, an i Pad is a much better device when held in my hands than it will ever be when I put it into my Canopy and connect the Magic Keyboard.


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