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If they are so great, why do marketing directors complain about how difficult it is to get great case studies?Here are some ways to help you get the opportunity share amazing stories from your customers. You want a STORY–something compelling, authentic, and real. Imagine calling your client and saying something like this: You: “Our agency just let us know that the most respected journal in our industry wants to do a feature article on how well we’re doing with this solution.To write a great case study fast, you’re going to need a few things. This includes three or four benefit or advantage statements—high-level bullets that explain the meat of the case.

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We’re in a demand-generation, deal-closing economy and good customer evidence is the laser-guided bomb of marketing.

For those just getting to know your business, they provide a brief, relevant overview of what your product or service offers; they give those further down the funnel the final push with a story they can relate to; and they delight your existing customers by exhibiting their success.

This means that you find ways to demonstrate in quantifiable terms how your product or service made a difference.

As mentioned, there are three ways to do this: In the following tutorials, we’ll look at how to write a sample case study.

That way, you remain a thought leader but your competition is in the dark. ” Your client: “Sure, but we can’t endorse you either–we work with several firms like yours.” You: “I get it–we’re just happy to be one part of your story.

I thought taking a leading position in this space would help you . Let’s help each other out and find a great way to shine a light on your leadership that looks good all around.

Story telling devices allows us to discuss our product in such a way that it affects the reader and encourages them to learn more about the product.

Gartner defines storytelling in this context as: The standard storytelling structure follows the following flow: The first step is to describe the final result. Try to use real figures and data to demonstrate your point.

Next, we describe the impact of the challenge — not your product. As mentioned at the start, one of the main differences when writing case studies is to start with the outcome, then work towards how you achieved this.

The second recommendation is to qualify your success.


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